Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s longest-serving head of state, has died at the age of 96.

Since her coronation, Queen Elizabeth II reigned through times of significant geo-political turburlence. Her time on the throne was characterized by her impressive and noted diplomacy. The Queen remained the sovereign leader of 15 nations and head of a Commonwealth of more than 50 countries.
She kept a very special relationship with th U.S. maintaining strong ties with every one of the 14 presidents over a period of 70 years and spanned 15 British Prime- Ministers. While Elizabeth was Queen, the world changed in many ways, and was cosidered a steadfast rock of patriotic duty.  
Today, we join the global community in mourning the passing of  Queen Elizabeth II. Flags on our campuses will be lowered to half-staff in recognition of her decades of serving as a Monarch.